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Honey Bees:

Honey bees make nests in walls, floor joists and roof eaves in Wichita, Andover, Winfield, Arkansas City, Ponca City, Enid, Bartlesville, Independence and the surrounding area all the time.

My experience in bee removal in this area is extensive. Pest control companies typically cannot perform bee removal because they just do not have the experience. If you take the time to call around and talk to a few people you will find out quickly why you want a beekeeper or a bee removal expert as opposed to a pest control guy who claims he can get rid of bees.
If you have a bee removal problem, it could be a honey bee problem.
We do not use chemicals to remove bees and hornets. There are all kinds of situations where you have bees and need a bee removal expert – but you need to know that it will be done right the first time. Understanding bees and bee problems will go a long way to helping you solve the bee problem.

If you have a bee swarm you need removed, Meneely Wildlife Control can move your bees. If honey bees are living in your attic, wall or chimney we can safely and humanely remove them. We remove problem and pest bees and relocate the hive to a beekeeper.

Carpenter Bee Removal:

Are pesky carpenter bees destroying your porch, deck or siding? We can trap remove and exterminate carpenter bees.

Stinging Insect Removal:

We can remove or exterminate Bald-faced Hornets, Wasps and other stinging insects. If your attic is full of wasp activity you may need a home exclusion. Exclusion removes the hornets without chemicals, either cutting down or removing the nests and addressing how and why they are nesting in those areas.
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Kansas Areas We Service:

If you need bee removal in Wichita, KS and would like a Meneely Wildlife Control technician to provide expert wildlife removal services for you, please contact  Meneely Wildlife Control  by calling (580) 761-6526 in Wichita, Andover, Rose Hill, Derby, Haysville, Schulte,  Goddard, Clearwater, Mulvane, Udall, Wellington, Oxford, El Dorado and other Kansas locations. We solve bee problems in attics and homes by trapping and removing honey bees.

Oklahoma Areas We Service:

When you need hornets removed in Ponca City OK, Newkirk, Blackwell, Bartlesville, Stillwater, Enid, Pond Creek, Deer Creek, Lamont, Medford, Kaw City, Shidler, Fairfax and all other Oklahoma locations, pick up the phone and call Meneely Wildlife Control at 580-761-6526.

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