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There is a lot of space between Goddard, Wichita & Winfield KS and Enid – Bartlesville -Ponca City OK , and Stillwater, OK but the one common thing is an abundance of wildlife and we have seen the need to operate a local Wildlife Control Company specializing professional removal of bats, birds and wild animals like removing bats from attics, birds from roosts like pigeons pooping and causing health concerns.

Hire A Predator TrapperCoyotes and Bobcats can become a big danger to livestock and when there is a need to hire a professional coyote trapper to stop the predation of livestock such as newly born foal and calves, a mother cow in the middle of birthing from becoming eaten alive by coyotes, foxes or bobcats.

Armadillo Removal– We know how to trap, remove and control armadillos and are pretty good at it.

Bat Removal – A common complaint with bats is when they occupy the attics of our homes & vacant buildings. We are often called in for the removal of bats in communities near Wichita & Winfield, Arkansas City , Independence, & El Dorado In Kansas and Near Enid, Stillwater, Bartlesville & Ponca City Oklahoma.  We remove, catch, capture and if necessary trap bats to protect your home & property from the risk of rabies and other disease.

Bird Control – Pigeons, Starlings and Sparrows can be taken anytime with out the need to get a a bird degradation permit. and we can usually start right away. We get rid of birds and bird poop and clean and sanitize bird roosts and bird feeding areas free of bird poop or bird feces. We also remove and control Grackles, Woodpeckers Ducks and Canada Geese and most any nuisance birds controlled.

Pocket Gopher, Mole & Vole Trappers These little critters sure can cause lots of damage to your  lawn or pastures.

Gopher Trapper The pocket gopher can number to several in your prized lawn or as many as 60 per well fertilized  and irrigated fields of Alfalfa. They did deep tunnels and it takes an experienced pocket gopher trapper  to be consistent in trapping them.

Mole Trapper Moles can be a problem year round and even in the winter all it takes is a few days spell of warm weather and the mole are back tunneling and looking for new food such as earthworms and grubs closer to the surface and not as deep in extreme cold weather.

Vole Trapper . The vole or field mouse is a small common rodent and is found just about everywhere    . The feed on grasses, seeds  and tunnel under your plants and grass and eat the roots. We can help you get rid of voiles in your lawn or any tunneling animal in your lawn..We trap Voles, control moles and remove pocket gophers  damaging yards, grass, lawn and turf.

Opossum Removal The opossum has been found under mobile homes, dead in sauna tub plumbing and yes even stuck and died under any plumbing if they can enter it they will explore and we find the possums and get them out,

Raccoon Removal: Sure we do a lot of raccoon control work in the area. The raccoon is a very powerful, intelligent creature that seems to always find a new way to break into the attics of homes through the eaves. We trap, control and remove raccoons. Call us for your Kansas and Oklahoma Raccoon Removal. Hear noises up in your attic? Hear chatter in between the walls of your home? You may have raccoons in your attic and raccoons in your walls. We trap raccoons in attics, we trap racCoons in eaves, we trap racoons in basements, we trap raccoons in fireplaces, and raccoons in chimneys.

Squirrel Removal: We are experienced in squirrel control and handling squirrels in your attic, a squirrel in fireplace, a squirrel in chimney, a squirrel in your eaves or a squirrel in your basement or garage. These problems are what we do professionally every day. 24/7.

We know how to get squirrels out of attics. We know how to keep squirrels out of attics. We know how to trap squirrels. We know how to get rid of squirrels, prevent squirrels and squirrel proof your home, fireplace, chimney, basement or attic. Call us for your  Oklahoma and Kansas Nuisance Squirrel problems.

Skunk Removal: If you have a skunk problem you can count on us to get your Kansas or Oklahoma Skunk Control problem under control the moment we put down our humane skunk traps and begin working to provide you live, humane odorless skunk removal. Odorless skunk removal is possible when you leave the skunk trapping to us. We are experienced skunk trappers. We offer skunk prevention services and deodorizing services . Call us for Skunk Removal.

Snake Removal: Most of our customers say “EEK” when they find a snake. We provide local snake handling , snake identification and handle all snakes whether they are venomous or not. We remove rattlers, cottonmouth, copperheads, and other well known snakes such as garter snakes, hog-nosed snakes, water snakes, green snakes, brown snakes, milk snakes and tree snakes. We remove snakes from homes, businesses, commercial and industrial properties. A professional snake handler will come and remove venomous and non -venomous snakes. The best advice we can give you is leave all snakes alone. Snakes will not bother you you if you simply leave the area. If waiting the snake out seems to be a problem feel free to call us. Call us for your Kansas and Oklahoma Snake Removal issues.

Counties We Service

Kay, Washington, Osage, Grant, Garfield, Pawnee, Paine, Alfalfa, Kingfisher, Logan, Major in Oklahoma.



Chautauqua, Elk, Cowley, Sedgwick, Cowley, Greenwood, Montgomery, Harvey, Harper, Kingman, Barber in Kansas.

Cities We Service
Wichita, Wellington, Winfield, El Dorado, Independence, Arkansas City, Ponca City, Bartlesville, Ponca City, Pawnee, Medford, Stillwater, Enid, Medford, Cherokee, Blackwell, Tonkawa
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