Raccoon Removal and Control:

We specialize  in raccoon removal and control  services. Raccoons are one of Oklahoma and Kansas most imaginative and intelligent wildlife species.  Raccoons are known to be very destructive, unwanted attic visitors in any home, business, commercial or industrial property. We hope to be the only Kansas or Oklahoma Raccoon Removal Company you will ever need.

Raccoon (Procyon lotor).

COMMON RACCOON Found Throughout Oklahoma and Kansas

Raccoons in your attic:

Do you have raccoons in your attic, need someone to remove and control those raccoons? Maybe you can’t sleep all night because of all the raccoon or other critter noises up above in your attic.  Maybe you have a small baby raccoon that has fallen in a space in between the walls. We remove raccoon problems and control them, we trap raccoons, prevent future raccoon invasions and help control nuisance raccoons.

Raccoon in the chimney:

Sometimes we have to remove them from chimneys. We replace or install a chimney cap to stop future problems. Occasionally, young raccoons end up on the fireplace damper where you can hear their noises. We can remove raccoons from inside the fireplace. However, most raccoon problems are found in attics and crawlspaces. Wherever you may have a raccoon problem we can help.

We find , remove and control and trap raccoons in many places including raccoons in attics, raccoons in chimneys, raccoons in walls, raccoons in garages, raccoons in woodstoves, raccoons in fascia, soffit and the eaves of your home.

Most importantly, raccoons are known to carry rabies and other diseases. Therefore, they should never be around your family or pets. Often they can spread those diseases or cause serious bites and scratches that require medical or veterinarian services .

Here is an interesting video from Animal Planet on raccoon Roundwormhttp://animal.discovery.com/videos/monsters-inside-me-the-baylisascaris-parasite.html

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Learn more about Raccoon Roundworm http://nwco.net/044-wildlifediseases/4-2-RaccoonRoundworm.asp

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