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Predator removal and control:

Predator removal may be the only answer, if you are losing calves, lambs, other livestock  or pets to a predator such as  a coyote, bobcat or fox then we can help. With over 30 years experience removing unwanted or nuisance predators in Oklahoma and Kansas, we have the professional tools needed for all your predator control issues. We trap and remove coyotes, foxes and bobcats.

Coyote trapping and removal:




Fox trapping, fox removal, fox control:

Fox are a common find in suburban areas. Because of their strong ability to adapt to things like food supply, shelter or habitat, and human activity, fox can be found in a variety of places such as under a shed or deck to pre-made burrows in the ground, or even open land. Fox are most likely found in suburban areas to avoid a threat, such as coyotes.

Although fox do not take up residence inside our homes like some nuisance wildlife, the problem comes from the dangers they could bring such as the possibilities of aggression, rabies, or a combination of threats to small children or domestic animals. During mid-summer you may also begin seeing fox pups out with mom during the day learning to hunt and fend for themselves. Pups can also be a cause of worry to many people if they come too close to home.

The process of fox removal is similar to the removal of other types of nuisance wildlife. The first step is to remove the current nuisance by trapping and relocating. We make sure that all resident fox have been removed by close observation, and from there we can begin “fox proofing” to ensure that you wont have a repeat problem. This proofing includes finding all access spots that the fox have used or can use in the future and sealing them to prevent them from being re-opened.

Predator Control. Fox trapping, predator trappper. Young fox removed.
A young fox removed from a local neighborhood and relocated to a rehabber.

Bobcat trapping, bobcat removal, bobcat control:

Predator Removal and Control: a nuisance bobcat trapped and removed from a sheep ranch.
Predator Control: a nuisance bobcat trapped and removed from a sheep ranch by Meneely Wildlife Control.
Bobcats taking your chickens? Are you missing small pets? Meneely Wildlife Control traps and removes bobcats from your property safely.
Bobcats are a common predator and the most common wildcat found in North America. Bobcats rarely are a danger to humans. Slightly smaller than their lynx cousins, bobcats maintain an average length of 3 feet (65 to 105 cm). Their tails are short, bobbed, and add an additional 5 to 7 inches (11 to 19 cm) to their total length. The base of their coats ranges from yellow-brown to gray in color, and bobcats have dark brown to black stripes and markings all over their bodies. Distinctive characteristics include the short tufts of hair on the ends of their ears and the ruffs of hair on either side of their heads, and a wide white belly with pronounced dark spots.


A common predator in Kansas and Oklahoma, bobcat populations are found throughout the rest of the United States, northern Mexico, and southern Canada. Bobcats can survive in a number of habitats, including forests, semi-deserts, mountain ranges, swamps, and brush land. They will set up dens in caves, rock shelters, hollow logs, and fallen trees so long as the area provides some protection.

Nuisance Predators:

Do bobcats harm people or property?
While they don’t disturb homes, bobcats still cause problems due to being sight hunting predators.  Cotton-tail rabbits and hares are favored prey, but bobcats will also prey on house cats, poultry, small pigs, and even lambs. Since they are opportunistic feeders, bobcats will go after what they sense as easily obtained prey, and the possibility for repeat offenses increases after a bobcat attacks the first time.

Bobcat Control, bobcat trapping and bobcat removal:

Given their widespread status and their propensity for returning to their home territories, bobcats are best controlled by trapping and remova. A qualified wildlife removal specialist can handle bobcat removal.

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