Bat Removal

little brown batBats are unique and interesting animals, but their nocturnal nature makes them some of the most mysterious and misunderstood mammals in Kansas and Oklahoma.

Bats belong to the order Chiroptera, which means “hand-wing.” Bats are the only mammals capable of true flight. In terms of the number of species, bats  are the second largest group of mammals in the world. Only the order Rodentia (rodents) have a higher number.

Of the approximately 900 species of bats found in the world, 45 live in the United States and 15 of those have been found in Kansas and 21 in Oklahoma. Contrary to popular belief, there are no vampire bats in either state. All bats in this area of the country feed on insects. Large numbers of bats are capable of eating tons of insects each year, making them beneficial to humans. However, when they have taken up residence in your home, the mess they leave from their urine and droppings can cause serious healt issues and damage to your home or business.

We remove bats humanely . When we do your bat exclusion  for your home or business, we back up our work with a solid guarantee to keep the bats out !!

Bat Removal Wichita Kansas  Emergency Bat Removal 24/7 If you find a bat in your home you should never touch a bat without protective gloves,  Bat Removal Independence KS Bats are a rabies vector species “Bat Rabies” if you found a bat in the same room as any sleeping person the County Health Department should be notified as a precautionary measure. Bat Removal Arkansas City KS A bite from a rapid bat is very small and it is likely anyone bit by a bat may not have realized it. If you areable to captre the bat do not damaged its head or brain because the bat will be tested for rabies. Who ever slept in the same room may also be required  rabies shots

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