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MWC-RCB Letter of RecommendationMeneely Wildlife Control Letters of Recommendation:

Here are some letters from a few of our clients that have used our services for wildlife control, wildlife removal or remediation issues:

Wildlife Control Letter of recommendation from the city of Ponca City
Wildlife Control Letter of recommendation from the city of Ponca City
Wildlife Control. Letter of Recommendation for bird removal and exclusion.
Wildlife Control. Letter of Recommendation for bird removal and exclusion.
Wildlife Control RCB Bank letter of recommendation.
Wildlife Control RCB Bank letter of recommendation.
Meneely Wildlife Control letter of recommendation from a Walmart Store Manager.
Meneely Wildlife Control letter of recommendation from a Walmart Store Manager.










516 E. Grand

City of                                                                                                                P.O. Box 1450

PONCA CITY                                                                         Ponca City, Oklahoma 74601

580-763-8046 Fax 580-767-0325

Michael Chapman, Assistant City Engineer

June 23, 2011

Mr. Vence Meneely

Meneely Wildlife Control

P.O. Box 2534

Ponca City, OK 74652

Cell: 761-6526

E-mail: vence@animalremovals.com

Re: Observations of Bird Control Effectiveness at Ponca City Aquatic & Family Center-YMCA Dear Vence:

First, I wish to express our appreciation for the help of Meneely Wildlife Control in protecting our grass seeding operations from pigeons and dove at the Ponca City Aquatic & Family Center-YMCA. The area you protected from the pigeons and doves was over 30 Acres and you did an excellent job and started in only a matter of a few hours notice.

Vence, you also did an excellent job of explaining the methods you employed for pigeon and dove control so I could pass that information along in this very sensitive matter. The control you developed was very effective and you adjusted as much as possible to minimize the disturbance to the neighborhoods. I also appreciate the way in which you monitored the success and tried adjustments to reduce the noise complaints in the neighborhoods. Also I appreciate your timely input on trials to discontinue the bird abatement as rapidly as possible.

In addition to pigeon and dove control, you also taught me a great deal more about abating of nuisance wildlife problems. I included all your contact information above so I would have ready access to that information the next time we are in need of your services.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me at 763-8046 or by email at chapmmn@poncacityok.gov .


Mike Chapman, P.E., CFM, Assistant City Engineer

Meneely Wildlife Control letter of reccomendation 1





Ponca Plaza LTD

APRIL 2011


Ponca Plaza Shopping Center has recently completed a pigeon control program under the direction of Mr. Vence Meneely of Meneely Wildlife Control. This program has been a complete success is the only one of the many programs that we have tried which has provided the results that we were seeking.

Mr. Meneely has been most professional throughout the program from the start up through program completion. He identified the problem, developed a workable approach and completed the program totally as promised and priced.

I highly recommend Mr. Vence Meneely for any wildlife control project and should you desire more information regarding our project please contact me at 580765-0007.

Jim Cochran

Vice President/Property Manager

Ponca Plaza Shopping Center

Ponca City, Oklahoma

Meneely Wildlife Control letter of recommendation 2




To whom it may concern:

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Mr. Vence Meneely for the past two years. He has performed an outstanding job with are Pigeon problem and any other unwanted pests. He performs his job in a timely manner and at a reasonable price. I highly recommend him for any wildlife control you may have.  For more information please contact me at 580‐718‐1286.


Scott Ingram

Maintenance Supervisor

Smith Bits

Ponca City, Oklahoma

Meneely Wildlife Control letter of recommendation 3



September 13,2018
RE: Vence Meneely/ M eneely Wildl ife Control
To Whom It May Concern:
This letter is intended to introduce you to M r. Vence Meneely, owner of Meneely Wildlife Control. In my
employ with RCB Bank, there have been several occasions when we have needed professional help in the
removal of unwanted pests . Mr. Meneely has always been responsive and professional in his dealings
with our business. I sincerely appreciate his knowledge and ability to provide a resolution to any situation .
Mr. Meneely comes to you highly recommended !


Jeff Cowan


RCB Bank Ponca City

580- 718 -2704


MWC-Letter of Recommendation 4


205 Centennial Dr

McPherson, KS 67460



Nov. 5, 2018

Isaac Coutre’

Store Manager #993

To whom it may concern,

As the Store Manager of a Walmart Supercenter, I am writing this Letter of REcommendation is support of Meneely Wildlife Control. I have worked with Vence and his team the past 4 years while I was the Manager in Ponca City, Oklahoma.

Meneely Wildlife Control and their Team of Professionals have always done an outstanding job in our facility. Vence and his team completed every job in a clean, professional and timely manner. They are very proficient in their operation as to minimize any disruption in our daily business while ensuring the safety of the animal they are removing. I would highly recommend Meneely Wildlife Control for any animal removal needs you may have.


Capability Statement:

Meneely Wildlife Control current Capability Statement.
Meneely Wildlife Control current Capability Statement.


current capabilities statement (7)

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